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2. People will raise and lower the level of your expectations
  1. Why Academic Teaching Doesn't Help Kids Excel In Life
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Why Academic Teaching Doesn't Help Kids Excel In Life

We live in such an impatient, fast-moving society, that we forget our most treasured pieces of work, our favorite innovations took years upon years to refine and bring to life. What they don't explain to you in school, however, is that it's not about dressing in a way that is going to appease others.

This is why certain individuals grow exceedingly fast, and master their craft at an alarming rate, while others lag behind. Because, chances are, they found a community of people who were also chasing the same thing. By being surrounded by like-minded people, your standard will inherently be raised, you will pick up skills you couldn't otherwise learn alone, and you will have a valuable network at your disposal. Anytime you see an overnight success, just know there were many, many years that came first.

You're just seeing the breakthrough. You're living on the edge. I graduated from Columbia College Chicago with a degree in fiction writing. Want to know how many classes were offered on the business side of the equation? You don't get paid what you're worth. You get paid what you negotiate. People will not pay you more until you are able to explain why you should be paid more. Consistency beats talent every time.

And if you have both, you'll go far. Not everyone is co-founder material.

Not everyone is a worthwhile collaborator. If you want to create something worthwhile, be prepared for it to take a while. It's more important to dress in a way that makes you feel comfortable and confident. If you want to become one of the best, you have to find your community. Just because you gave it your best effort, doesn't mean you deserve something.

It's better to do one thing extraordinarily well, than 5 things somewhat well. Like this column? Sign up to subscribe to email alerts and you'll never miss a post. The opinions expressed here by Inc. Finally, I want to steer clear of religious and political topics, because while this may be a controversial post, my only agenda is to make a better future for our kids in America. I learned how to balance a checkbook in school and what the word budget meant. That was it. These are some things I know now that I wish they had taught me in high school.

Budgeting comes down to living within our means, and most adults were never taught this. How do I know that? Learning budgeting is simply a matter of tracking expenses, deciding how much to spend in each area of life, and sticking to it. Kids need to understand how compound interest works for them and against them. Children should, at a minimum, understand their options for investing.

They need to know about stocks, mutual funds, and real estate before a salesman explains these concepts to them. Refer children to point 2.

The Stuff School's Don't Teach |

They should understand the importance of investing early on. Statistically speaking. When it comes to rewards, 3 in 10 credit card users never end up redeeming them anyways, according to a Bankrate study 5. Credit card companies are now required by law to show you how long it will take to pay off your debt at the minimum payment, we could show this to kids before they have their first card. Debt—credit card and otherwise—is infiltrating our country as a whole. While I understand maybe having a mortgage, debt is an enemy, not a friend. Insurance is almost as inevitable as taxes.

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Insurance should be taught before the insurance salesmen reaches the kids. Kids need to know the different types of life insurance, the difference between liability and full coverage car insurance, and so on. Most importantly, they need to learn when they need each type of insurance.

Teach the Controversy

They need to come prepared. Because many kids think they do. We talked about car payments above in 6, but do kids realize they can make car payments to themselves? In an interest-bearing account? Probably not, but this is something they should be taught. Children should be taught the power of automated savings and investing for that matter.

Once all debt other than the mortgage is paid off Baby Step 2 , he suggests saving months of living expenses as Baby Step 3 8.

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  6. Things They Don't Teach You In School!
  7. An emergency fund is a crucial part of finances. According to a Nerd Wallet survey, when Americans were asked what caused their debt problem, the main reasons are emergencies:. Student loans are often preached like car payments as unavoidable expenses. Scholarships, paying as they go, and the military are three great options that are overlooked by so many parents and children. While there are some student loan forgiveness programs, in general, student loans are the one thing that never goes away, even after bankruptcy is declared. Many children will begin paying taxes before they graduate high school.

    At a minimum, the curriculum should include a basic overview of the different kinds of taxes. Some records should be kept for a year, some for five, and some for life.

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    Accessing records, such as taxes , medical , legal , and other financial records , is another overlooked piece of being an adult. Kids need to know where to go, who to ask, and how to get copies of all records. This even expands into practical records like credit reports.

    They will have a lifelong way to build and repair their own confidence. Dweck explains the growth mindset and the fixed mindset see a summary of the book here. And especially without questioning too many things. I had a few great teachers in school who tried to instill this mindset in children, but it was often buried by all of the teachers who wanted everyone to conform to the status quo.

    Kids need a healthy sense of skepticism not cynicism. Most of the greatest concepts, companies, and inventions have come from people doing exactly that. We should teach kids to be respectful, listen to their teachers, but question everything. We always tell our children that they need to be respectful to their teachers, but at the same time, teachers can make mistakes too.

    Additionally, the sense of conforming to authority through and through can be dangerous. Knowledge is limited. Imagination encircles the world. I get it. Most schools have art class. Kids also have the choice to join band. And there are a few good writing teachers out there who truly understand the importance of creativity. And what about creativity in math and science? Einstein never held that distinction. Most of our greatest thinkers did so through the lens of creativity, not academia.

    Teaching kids to understand themselves may be one of the most important things we could teach.