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  1. Warden Book 1 Wendigo Fever English Edition
  2. Wendigo Fever (Warden, book 1) by Kevin Hardman
  3. Hypnosis, Wendigos, and Zombies: Discounted Horror eBooks
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Warden Book 1 Wendigo Fever English Edition

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Wendigo Fever (Warden, book 1) by Kevin Hardman

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Hypnosis, Wendigos, and Zombies: Discounted Horror eBooks

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But when his older brother Tom - the current Warden for their region - goes missing, Errol has no choice but to enter the Badlands, where monsters abide in mind-boggling numbers, to find him. During his search, Errol crosses paths with - and finds himself stalked by - the legendary Wendigo, a monster with preternatural strength and speed, as well as enhanced senses of sight, smell and hearing…and an insatiable hunger for human flesh. Now Errol must do the impossible and not only escape from the monster something no one has ever done before , but also avoid the unearthly legacy it leaves on all its victims - a terrifying curse known as Wendigo Fever.

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TRUE Cryptid Ecounters in the woods - Werewolf - Wendigo