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Additional proof of the veteran's residency may be required as well before eligibility of the student can be determined.

Veterans Services

What Costs are covered? If the disability rating of the individual's father or mother changes after the beginning of an academic semester, quarter, or other period for which educational costs have been reduced under this section, the change in disability rating shall be applied beginning with the immediately following academic semester, quarter, or other period. As added by P.

IC Purpose Sec. For purposes of this chapter, the commission shall define mandatory fees that qualify as educational costs. Amended by P. IC Payment of incidental expenses Sec.

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If an eligible applicant: 1 is permitted to matriculate in the state educational institution; 2 qualifies under this chapter; and 3 has earned or has been awarded a cash scholarship that is paid or payable to a state educational institution, from any source; the amount paid shall be applied to the credit of the eligible applicant in the payment of incidental expenses of the eligible applicant's attendance at the state educational institution. The balance, if the terms of the scholarship permit, must be returned to the eligible applicant. Search IN. Find an IN.

Top FAQs. The veteran must have served on active duty in the U. Eligible wartime dates are:. Korea: June 27, - Jan 31, Vietnam: Aug 5, - May 7, Gulf War: August 2, - present. Cases usually must first be considered by BVA before the veteran may appeal to the U. Court of Appeals for Veterans Claims. BVA created a pamphlet called How Do I Appeal that is intended to explain the steps involved in filing an appeal and to serve as a reference for the terms and abbreviations used in the appeal process.

BVA decisions may also be searched in the following databases:. The publications provide information about Department of Veterans Affairs benefits policy.

United States Code

Some of these publications are only available on-line and cannot be ordered from the Department of Veterans Affairs. The General Counsel of the Department of Veterans Affairs issues written legal opinions having precedential effect in adjudications and appeals involving veterans' benefits under laws administered by VA.

The General Counsel's interpretations on legal matters, contained in such opinions, are conclusive as to all VA officials and employees not only in the matter at issue but also in future adjudications and appeals, in the absence of a change in controlling statute or regulation, Court decision, or a superseding written legal opinion of the General Counsel. Precedent Opinions from to University Library Home.

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Law School Home. Regent University Home. Veterans Law: Primary Law. United States Code HeinOnline. Annotated materials include notes of decisions, cross references, research references, and more.

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Title 38 of the C. Code of Federal Regulations HeinOnline.

VA Service Contract Act (SCA) Inventory - Office of Acquisition and Logistics (OAL)

Code of Federal Regulations Lexis. Code of Federal Regulations on Westlaw. Veterans Case Law The U.