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The Word Made Fresh

Published on January 11, by admin in Free Kindle Books. No Comments. Click here to cancel reply. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Subscribe us!! There are 39 books or sections written by a number of different authors. The Old Testament is divided into at least three major sections. The first part Genesis to Nehemiah contains the history of the Jewish people. The next section Job to Ecclesiastes is all poetry. Much, but not all of it, was written during the kingdoms of David and Solomon roughly B.

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The last section Isaiah through Malachi contains the writings of the prophets. In B. These events were incredibly significant in the life of Israel. By and large, the prophets wrote to warn of, or explain, these events. The final prophet, Malachi, wrote about B. The New Testament has 27 books, which were all written between about 40 and 90 A. They focus on the life, ministry, and ultimate effect of Jesus Christ.

The Word Made Fresh

The historical section contains four biographical accounts of Jesus. The next section Romans through 3 John contains epistles, or letters, written by early church leaders to various congregations or individuals. They struggled with and celebrated the same things we do today. The final section of the New Testament Revelation is also prophecy.

Lost in the (Biblical) Translation

This idea comes from within the Bible itself. The Bible reveals that God is a God who speaks with authority. It is difficult to pick just one example from the Bible that illustrates this idea because there are so many! Jesus is not only called the Word of God see John 1 but also demonstrated in His life that He spoke with authority and power as the God of the Old Testament.

He spoke with authority over creation storms and water , people healing and blessing , spiritual realm demons and spirits and concerning the future his own death and the coming of the Holy Spirit. Paul, who wrote much of the New Testament, wrote to a young man named Timothy to encourage him to look to the Bible to grow and become wise in Christ. Paul writes,. All Scripture is God-breathed and is useful for teaching, rebuking, correcting and training in righteousness, so that the servant of God may be thoroughly equipped for every good work.

How can I know that this is a trustworthy translation of the Bible? There is a popular myth out there that the English translations of the Bible have been translated from other translations that came from other translations, and so on… far removed from the original writings like distant cousins of your great-great grandparents. The fact is that modern translations, whether in English or in other languages, are all translated from the oldest and best preserved manuscripts, portions of which date to within one hundred years of the death of Christ.

e-book The Word Made Fresh: 1000 Bible Questions

You simply have to look at the preface of the Bible to see what principles the committee of scholars used to guide their translation. This is not a secretive process conducted by some sinister illuminati, but an open collaboration that holds to the highest academic standards. If you have several copies, you can compare them. If there are discrepancies or variations, you put those passages in parentheses and call them doubtful at best. What remains can be considered authentic. The more copies you have, the more opportunities there are for cross-checking.

Now consider this: for some of the writings of Plato, we have 7 copies—not bad. Of the New Testament, however, we have an unbelievable 5, portions, complete books or complete copies. No contest. Another important factor determining accuracy is the amount of time elapsed between the original composition and the writing of the copy.

Again, with Plato, an estimated 1, years elapse between his death and the oldest manuscript copy available to us; with Homer, they estimate years. With the New Testament, it is years for some portions and just over years for a complete copy.

Once again, it surpasses by far anything comparable. These manuscripts are older than the previous existing manuscripts and yet were found to be in remarkable agreement with them! Bible translations land somewhere on the spectrum between word-for-word translations more literal , and thought-for-thought translations. There are also paraphrases available, like The Message, which seek to bring the meaning of the text to life.

If you are new to the Bible, usually a thought-for-thought translation like the New International Version NIV or, farther along the thought-for-thought continuum, the New Living Translation NLT , is recommended since it is more readable.

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