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His research focuses on World War One, particularly the role of the Scottish forces, Scottish military tradition, and the relationship between Scottish manpower and the British State. He has published widely on these matters and his work can be found in notable journals such as the International Review of Scottish Studies, History Scotland, and the Journal of the Society of Army Historical Research. Elaine McFarland is an emeritus professor of history at Glasgow Caledonia University and throughout her career, has also been a member of the Fellow of the Royal Historical Society and the Society of Antiquaries Scotland.

Her research interests include Scottish military tradition, wounded veterans in inter-war Scotland, and examining the relationship between war and commemoration. Her co-authored book Scotland and the Great War helped draw attention to the experience of Scottish civilians during World War One, looking deeply at topics such as conscientious objection, voluntary recruitment, press coverage, gender and the war, and the Scottish Highlands and the war.

Through her well-rounded research Professor McFarland brings a wealth of knowledge on wartime Scotland to the last battles of World War One.

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Professor Stanley is an adroit performer and has been part of many television histories, including appearing in several documentaries, together with other programs such as Australians at War, Monash the forgotten Anzac, and In Their Footsteps. The soldier walked right by her, not looking under the bones. She was also hit by the decibel sound wave, but she was far enough away to be relatively unscathed. She took off running into the woods with little but her rifle, a Luger, and a teddy bear.

Back in the present day, the Silencer who killed the three people Cassie found is now hunting her. He has managed to shoot her in the leg, but Cassie has hid under a car, a Buick.

She tries to figure out how to get away. Cassie details how she survives in a world alone. She tries to avoid drones by traveling at dusk, the time when they are least prevalent. She also explains how the Hum, the noise of all electronics, is gone. She describes how the Others were systematically knocking humans back into the eighteenth century, then back into the Stone Age, making them utterly helpless against the Others.

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The second wave, the tsunamis on the coast, along with the red plague of the third wave, are the two most destructive of the waves. Altogether, the waves have wiped out 98 percent of the human population, or about 7 billion people. The third wave was the longest, lasting about three weeks. Cassie's mother died as a result of the third wave. Soon after Sammy boarded the bus, Cassie and her Dad have a bad feeling about the situation. Her father makes the ultimate sacrifice to make sure she has a chance at getting out alive. Cassie also makes a promise to Sammy that she will come back for him.

She takes the teddy bear he offers and it becomes a symbol of their bond. It also foreshadows that she will one day make it back to Sammy to give it to him, or die trying. From the beginning, the soldiers at the camp act suspiciously, foreshadowing their duplicitous nature when they ask the adults to surrender their weapons. Cassie realizes that her father hid the M16 rifle that he showed her earlier in a tree.

The End of History and the Last Man - Wikipedia

This rifle saves her life many times over the course of the book and gives Cassie power over enemies much larger than she. Cassie ends the chapter alone and afraid, much like she started out the chapter. Maintaining Business Continuity.

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History That’s Written in Beads as Well as in Words

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