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While our efforts have been shaped by our own limitations and failings, we have felt and seen significant signs of the Holy Spirit at work in our midst. The years I have served in Saskatoon have coincided with the Truth and Reconciliation process addressing the painful legacy of the Indian Residential Schools.

As a people, we need to learn to tell the story of our land differently.

As church, we are learning anew to walk together with Indigenous peoples. Through a series of initiatives, we have set out with energy on this walk, with the support and guidance of many Indigenous friends. I hope and pray that these efforts and this learning will continue. The date for the transition to Regina has not yet been set. As of July 11, , I am the apostolic administrator of the Diocese of Saskatoon, with the authority of a diocesan bishop. Upon my installation as Archbishop of Regina, it is to be anticipated that the College of Consultors in the Diocese of Saskatoon will be asked to meet and elect a diocesan administrator who will work with others to lead and guide the diocese until a new bishop is named.

I have every confidence that the Holy Spirit, who has been leading us these past years, will continue to be at work in the fine and gifted lay faithful, religious, and clergy of the diocese. Thank you for your faith, wisdom and generosity, which have made it such a joy to minister alongside you these past years. You remain in my heart and I assure you of my ongoing prayers, and in turn, ask your prayers for all that lies ahead. To the clergy, religious and faithful of the Archdiocese of Regina, I promise to try to serve you well, by the grace of God, and very much look forward to working with you at the service of the Kingdom.

Returning to Regina means coming home to the place where I grew up then in the Diocese of Gravelbourg , where I was educated many years at Campion College , and where many of my family members and friends still reside.

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Many of my teachers in the faith, spiritual guides and mentors in life have been from among the clergy and faithful of the Archdiocese. There is a great legacy within the Archdiocese of strong parish communities, evangelization, dialogue, collaboration between all the people of God, and the pursuit of justice.

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It is a privilege to serve in a new way, alongside all of you, as we strive to be faithful to the Gospel and respond to the world in its needs. I am also mindful that many things have changed in the Archdiocese in my years away from it, and that my knowledge of its parishes and people is very limited. There is a steep learning curve ahead, and I ask in advance for your patience, and especially for your prayers.

May we jointly be held by and draw life from that great font of mercy, and daily show it to others and to the world. But clearly, no one can say they are for the poor as Jesus was and do nothing, nothing, nothing for the equality of women. To address classism does not begin to resolve the problems that come with sexism. The full humanity of women, human anthropology, and our efforts to eradicate poverty are indeed among the issues that will measure both this papacy and this Church as it moves again from an age that is dying to a new age that is coming to life.

July 6, A group of eight pilgrims walked over miles from Switzerland to Rome to support a "Church with women," not advocating female ordination, but wanting to open a dialogue. The good news for such folks is that there's a surprisingly wide range of possible steps that don't impinge on Catholic teaching or tradition. One of the more striking Catholic pilgrimages in recent memory wrapped up in early July with a small Mass at a side altar in St.

A group of eight people, seven women and one man, had trekked more than miles from St. Gallen in Switzerland to Rome, carrying nothing more than backpacks and walking sticks, and concluded their journey by walking through the Holy Door of St. There are victims of clergy abuse who can barely make their way down to the church basement where the meetings are held. There are those who felt spiritually starved in what they experienced as a cold, judgmental, and unforgiving Church culture. There is the contingent that desperately seeks companionship, those who have experience of church less as conversation than a lot of listening.

And there are those who feel isolated by the superficial greetings among those in the pews. William Grimm July 9, The ability, or even tendency, to make stupid remarks is not, at least officially, a prerequisite for being made a curial cardinal. But neither does it seem to hurt the odds of one's wearing a red biretta around Rome.

In , a Spanish bishop claimed that Cardinal Ennio Antonelli, then head of the Pontifical Council for the Family, had declared that the United Nations was conspiring to make half the world's population homosexual over the next 20 years.

Like the U. A more recent asinine declaration by a cardinal comes from Cardinal Robert Sarah, prefect of the Congregation for Divine Worship and the Sacraments. Repeating a call he has made many times, in a recent interview the cardinal said he wants priests to face east when celebrating the liturgy. He said he would call together an official commission to clarify the question of the historical role of women deacons. I was pleasantly surprised.

Women in Ministry Bibliography - Andy Rowell

It was not long, however, before doubts set in. Was this just a way to avoid a tough question—form a committee? Read More Pope Francis says Christians must apologize to gay people for marginalizing them, and also to the poor, to mistreated women, to children forced to work Joshua J. In a press conference Sunday on the flight back to Rome after his weekend trip to Armenia, the pontiff said bluntly: "The church must say it's sorry for not having comported itself well many times, many times.

We are the sinners.

History of the Custody

Peter's Square. Women's Ordination Worldwide, or WOW, a coalition of international groups supporting women's ordination, hosted the meeting and march in Rome to urge church leaders to re-open a dialogue on the question of ordaining women, which Pope John Paul II closed 22 years ago with publication of his apostolic exhortation Ordinatio Sacerdotalis, "on reserving priestly ordination to men alone.

Decades of research on this topic has already been published by renowned feminist voices. Biblical and historical evidence cites several women deacons working alongside men in the early Church including: Phoebe, St. Olympias, Dionysia, St. Radegund and St. Pope Francis also stated that a woman cannot be in Persona Christi, and therefore cannot preach or preside over the Eucharist. WOC rejects this flawed interpretation that a male body is a necessary condition of representing the Body of Christ. Upholding this discrimination, as though it were the will of God, is simply indefensible.

While WOC celebrates this step from the Vatican, until women are included in all decision-making structures and as priests and Bishops of the Church, equality remains painfully denied. WOC advocates that a new commission on the diaconate include discussions on priestly ordination for women in the Roman Catholic Church. Today, we call on our Church leaders to work with us to build a Church that strikes down every oppressive practice, teaching, and law that assigns women and girls to a subordinate status.

We call on our leaders to create a Church that is truly inclusive and alive with the gifts, spirit, and potential of all its members. We pray together as a family of the faithful with the vision of a Church community that at its core upholds the full equality of all of its members. So that our daughters and yours may know radical inclusion and justice, equality without qualification, and an institution that transforms oppression into love without bounds, let us build a Church for our daughters.

The glimmer of hope came, of course, when Francis agreed to launch a commission to study the role of women deacons in the early church. The idea of a commission was suggested to the pope by a group of women religious during their annual International Union of Superiors General UISG meeting. Hours later, just about everyone saw some version of a headline declaring that the pope was considering ordaining women deacons. Unfortunately, few people had the time to read the full story behind the headline.

Patriarchy Has Got to Go

And even fewer people had time to read Francis' complete response to the sisters' question about women deacons. You can find it here in Italian and English. If they had, they would have heard the pope reassert all of the theological ideas that prevent women from any form of equality in the Roman Catholic church. Women deacons would be given the authority necessary to properly run a parish, including signing off on official documents that lay people are unable to do.

Could Pope Francis’ record on sexual abuse threaten his legacy?

Some clerics got their chasubles in a twist, their stoles in a knot, over the horrifying thought of women becoming deacons. Can a woman pope be far behind? No, in all likelihood, gentleman, probably not. Not likely, friends, and be careful what you pray for. Let me offer a perspective that casts the whole question in a very different light. Francis agreed to a proposal to create an official study commission during a closed-door meeting with some superiors of women's religious orders in Rome for their triennial assembly.