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Content note: there is mention of rape, beatings, and concentration camp violence as well as a few strong profanities. Female pilots were not sent on combat missions, but their job was dangerous nonetheless; they often flew planes that had been so heavily damaged in combat they were barely flyable.

Many portions of the story are, of course, heartbreaking, although it helps to know from the beginning that Rose survives the camps, and there are also uplifting portions that really celebrate the human spirit.

Life during World War II

I consider myself somewhat familiar with the major events of World War 2, but I had never even heard of the siege of Leningrad. For nearly days the city was cut off from supplies. Most of the men were gone fighting the war and the women and children were left to fend for themselves, and hundreds of thousands died of starvation.

I found the first few chapters a little slow, but keep going — the last few chapters will make you glad you did! Lina is 15 years old in when Soviet officers burst into her Lithuanian home, tear her family apart, and push her onto a crowded train car with her mother and younger brother.

A Family in Wartime: Evacuation

As they travel to an unknown fate in Siberia, Lina uses her talents as an artist to draw messages she hopes will get passed to her father, wherever he may be. When they reach Siberia they are forced to do harsh manual labor under cruel circumstances and Lina clings to her art as a way to hold on to her identity. This book highlights the atrocities committed by Stalin during World War 2, which rival those of the Germans towards the Jews during the same time period.

Not to be confused with another novel with a similar name, this book is amazing, enriching, and well worth a read. Guernsey was the only British land to be occupied by the Germans during the war, so their letters to Juliet are unique and full of rich historical detail. The women of Chilbury have other plans, however, and decide to continue singing even though an all-female choir is unheard of. Very nicely written.

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Val Eliot is one of these land girls, and while working on a farm she meets an American pilot named Mike and a Border Collie named Peter Woodhouse. Even though this story is set in the midst of the turbulent events of WWII, it manages to be both sweet and heartwarming. Meanwhile, their neighbor and and childhood friend Ben is dispatched by MI-5 to investigate the mysterious parachuter and determine if a spy is in their midst.

The 50 best World War II movies

This mystery has a bit of a Downton Abbey feel and is a period piece, spy novel, and love story all wrapped up into one. Really fantastic read! As the war descends on England, the five women forge a friendship over rationing, the threat of Nazi invasion, and a traitor in their midst.

Secrets of a Charmed Life by Susan Meissner. Emmy Downtree is just 15 when she and her younger sister are evacuated from their home in London to escape the bombs that rain down nightly during World War II. They, like thousands of other children, leave their parents and are sent to the country to live with whomever is willing to provide shelter and safety.

Children’s/Young Adult

Each child should bring a packet of food for the day. Separated from their parents, and, sometimes, siblings, schoolchildren were instead accompanied on their journey by a small army of guardians, mostly teachers and WVS personnel. However, the fear of bombing attacks meant that most parents considered evacuation for the best, as children would be safer away from the city.

Yet, evacuation was not compulsory and some parents were understandably reluctant to take part, despite propaganda posters which encouraged co-operation. For those parents who did co-operate it would be a nervous wait of several days to find out where their children had gone with notification coming via a postcard through the mail.

It was one thing to remove children from at-risk areas, but it was another to find somewhere for them to go. Various options were discussed, with civilians generally preferring the option of camps to be set up and supervised by teachers, but government ministers instead decided to use private billets. This could lead to resentment of those who would be forced to care for children against their will, compounded with that many children did not want to be there in the first place and tried to run away. This problem was particularly prevalent in the lower-class families, as wealthier families often had relatives or school friends in the country to take in their children, rather than relying on strangers.

Obviously, parents and children often missed each other. This meant uneventful months passed, giving a false sense of safety, so many children began to come back. Despite warnings by the Minister of Health, nearly half of all evacuees had returned to their homes by Christmas.

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But, when France fell in June , Britain became the next target and the Blitzkrieg began. Cities such as London, Coventry, Birmingham, Swansea, Plymouth and Sheffield were pounded mercilessly and evacuation became a policy grounded in reality. The south coast of England was also quickly changed from a Reception area to an Evacuation area due to the threat of invasion and so , children were evacuated or re-evacuated to safer locations. This began Operation Rivulet, the final major evacuation of the war.

Running between July and September more than a million people moved out of danger zones.

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Sleepy little eyes in a sleepy little head, Sleepy time is drawing near. Goodnight children everywhere, Your mummy thinks of you tonight. Close your eyes and say a prayer, And surely you can find a kiss to spare. Soon the moon will rise, and caress you with its beams, While the shadows softly creep. With a happy smile you will be wrapped up in your dreams, Baby will be fast asleep. Goodnight children everywhere. However, it is often overlooked that not all children were evacuated in the first place.

Evacuations of civilians in Britain during World War II - Wikipedia

Evacuation was a voluntary process and, while blackouts, gas masks and other wartime changes were accepted, many parents refused to part with their children during the war. The children left at home endured bombing raids along with the economic and welfare problems of the cities, and yet strangely grew more than their city counterparts. This led to varying interesting theories as to why this was, for example that country children, rather than using that energy for growth, were too active. Other editions. Enlarge cover.

Error rating book. Refresh and try again. Open Preview See a Problem? Details if other :. Thanks for telling us about the problem. Return to Book Page. Could it be a Secret Code? They escape from their prison and get help from gang members Alan, Eddy and Pete. After a roller coaster ride they find their home bombed and their mother missing.

When they reach Dundee someone is watching! The next day they get a cable from their father but German Commandos invade the farm! The kids get unexpected help before making their escape on a motorbike! They are taken to an Airfield and fly south in a Lysander!