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  1. Council Post: Three Steps To Recover From A Late-Career Job Loss
  2. Coping with Grief and Loss

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Council Post: Three Steps To Recover From A Late-Career Job Loss

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If you're like most people in this situation, you try to be brave about it and tell people you're recovering just fine and moving on. But we both know the truth: You're far from fine. You're likely dreaming about the workplace you no longer frequent along with the people and even the projects you were working on. I confess that I still occasionally dream about my last big job, a great company I was with for nearly 10 years. But it's been almost 10 years since I left!

So these experiences can make quite an indelible impression on our psyches. Even if you retired voluntarily, unless your company offered some sort of phased retirement program that allowed you to reduce your hours while you explored and began transitioning to your second-act career, you'll likely experience a sense of loss and that gnawing feeling of emptiness because you're no longer hanging out in familiar surroundings. So what can you do to clean out the cobwebs in your head from the job you no longer have and start beating a path towards your next job — or the new business you're going to start?

Coping with Grief and Loss

Here are three recommendations based on my own recovery from my job loss and tumultuous career in a very volatile industry. If you miss the ritual of showing up at work at the beginning of your day, create a new routine with a new place to go. This could be as simple as the coffee shop where you go to check email and read the morning paper. For my recently job-less coaching clients, I often recommend that they take on a volunteer project -- perhaps with a local nonprofit -- or mentor a small business incubator, trade association or college.

One of the things you probably miss most is contact with people.

Having this new routine and getting out of the house will take your mind away from that place you're no longer going to and help open you up to new ideas and relationships. This may seem cruel, but you're now an outsider. Even your closest former co-workers may consider you radioactive.

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So as tempting as it might be to connect with them until you get settled and start your next job, it's best to keep your distance. You may feel that maintaining these ties will soften the transition out of the company, but it's really going to prevent you from healing.