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From Pampling. For the original Pampling t-shirts, we use the best silk-screen printing, limiting the number of garments on sale from our t-shirt store. Just curious I could have swore the preposition "a" was supposed to be included before subject nouns that were people The real rule is whether you're personalizing the object or not. For example, you can say "Yo veo a un gato" I see a cat even though a cat is not a person. In the case of "No veo hombres sino mujeres", you're not personalizing the men you're treating them as things. What I've learned in addition to what Luis said is that when you're denying something such as this, you don't need the "a".

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For example, you're saying that you DON'T see any men, so there are no men to personify or not. If you were referring to specific men that someone else could see, you would say "no veo a los hombres", because you know they exist, you just don't see them. Would "I see women rather than men" mean the same thing?

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Is that translation frowned upon because it changes the order of the objects? The way I understand it is that "sino" is used when the clause before is negative and the clause after is positive ex. Quieres carne pero no leche? I hope that helps.

At normal speed, would one be able to tell between No veo hombre sino mujeres and No veo hombres sino mujeres? Many times consanats seem to run together. You're right. You'd differentiate them by which one makes more sense. No veo hombre is caveman speak in Spanish, much like saying "I see no man but women instead". Get started. Topic: Spanish. January 9, March 7, So 'sino' is like 'rather'? November 20, Is this right? March 28, June 7, Can you also just say "no veo hombres, veo mujeres"? February 4, Luis Plus Filius - re: Can you also just say Luis is a DouLingo admin and a great guy.