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The article argues that it might well be time to abandon the concept of expatriate failure altogether and instead draw on the general human resource literature to analyse problems related to turnover and performance management in an expatriate context.. View PDF. Save to Library. Create Alert. Share This Paper. Figures and Tables from this paper.

Figures and Tables. Citations Publications citing this paper. Cross cultural training and success versus failure of expatriates Ashwini Esther Joshua-Gojer.

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Effect of support and cultural intelligence on the adjustment and performance of expatriates and their family members in Malaysia Marlin Marissa Abdul Malek. Not passing it on to your own child can be especially tough. Many expat and immigrant parents feel a sense of failure; they wring their hands and share stories on parenting forums and social media, hoping to find the secret to nurturing bilingual children successfully.

They must hear a language quite a bit to understand it—and use it often to be able to speak it comfortably. So languages often wither and die when parents move abroad.

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Consider America. The foreign-born share of the population is In the past, governments discouraged immigrant families from keeping their languages. A big one is institutional pressure. So teachers often discourage parents from speaking their languages to their children. This is especially true if the second language lacks prestige. This is a shame; children really can master two languages or even more. Research does indeed suggest their vocabulary in each language may be somewhat smaller for a while.

But other studies hint at cognitive advantages among bilinguals. They may be more adept at complex tasks, better at maintaining attention, and at the other end of life suffer the onset of dementia later. How to bring it about? When both parents share the heritage language, the strategy is often to speak that at home, and the national language outside. He recommends reserving occasions on which the only language that may be spoken is the one that needs support. Market Information and Analysis Section.

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